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Coffee Subscriptions

Gorongosa thrives thanks to our growing community that is committed to supporting our people, wildlife, and ecosystems.

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1 x 12oz Bag

The Workday Pick-Me-Up

A cup for each workday, for two weeks - perfect for the moderate coffee drinker.
$16 Per Order (plus $5 for shipping)

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2 x 12oz Bags

The Weekend Warrior

For those who would like to drink a cup or so per day, every day (even weekends!) for two weeks.
$32 Per Order (plus $5 for shipping)

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3 x 12oz Bags

The Coffee Date

Two weeks worth for a couple who likes to start each morning with a cup or two.
$48 Per Order (free shipping)

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5lb Bag

The Coffee Enthusiast

For a couple, a household, or a truly coffee-motivated individual who wants to stay awake for two weeks.
$75 Per Order (free shipping)

We recommend selecting whole bean if possible, but we can pre-grind your beans to match your brewing method.

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